ENQUIRY ® The Technology Without Cables is a tool that brings down complex theories, from neuroscience, or about the complexities of relationships, the development and control of emotional intelligence and the how to experiment with quantum physics to reach YOGA.
The inclusive and participative experiences permit to reach auto-realization, fundamental for speed learning processes and self-transformation. ENQUIRY ® is a tool for all.

Areas of intervention:

  • Education sector: coexistence, bullying, loneliness, suicides, stress, drugs
  • Private enterprises: stress, relationship, team work, compromise, burn-out, integration, service level, purpose, commitment.
  • Communities
  • Family
  • Victims of conflicts, soldiers, civilians.
  • Defence sector: bullying, suicide prevention, relationship, community, drugs, desertion, integration, rapport, team work.
  • Illegal groups that want to return to society

Impact areas:

  • Mind

You will experience a fast improvement in public speaking spontaneously, deeper questioning and gaining proficiency in problem solving with more imagination and creativity. Effective communication is essential.

  • Relations

Be accepted by others. Destroys barriers and prejudices to reach higher levels of understanding. Facilitates group integration through collective and inclusive experiences. Consciousness.

  • Emotions

Strengthens the emotional intelligence. Developing natural positivism, find your passion and get focus. Develop trust and find feelings of appreciation and recognition. Gain endurance for the most conflictive moments with a higher perception.

  • Who am I

Increases perceptions, develops consciousness.

  • Quantum Physics

Allows to develop connection spaces between “particles” and modify their vibrations to transform past experiences but also to create future success.
Travel to the past to improve the state and Project to the future to generate creative processes and entrepreneurship.

“People will forget what you said, what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou, American philosopher.