Education in the world is in a phase of transformation towards one that presents holistic, transversal learning experiences that develop the individual from within and with a sense of belonging.

ENQUIRY supports the institution in a practical and inclusive experiences with evident results in complicated areas like:

  • Effective communication, deep listening, conflict resolution and mental health.
  • Reduction of stress, anxiety, deeper relationship allowing the group integration.
  • Feelings of creativity, positivism, improving perceptions to understand the others as they are, gaining an entrepreneurship spirit to contribute to society.
  • ENQUIRY develops integral human beings, creating spaces of peace, well-being, coexistence, respect for others, accepting the differences: ideological, political, cultural; to social participation and intercultural dialogue as a primary goal.
  • Supports the creation of spaces for participatory and creative dialogue between the academic community and society, making the institution a space for democratic experiences.
  • The education systems around the world are in a marathonic pursuit for transformation, to develop and include new, innovative curricula for the integral development, fulfilment of the new generations. ENQUIRY is the Technology Without Cables scientifically and motivationally developed to facilitate and to speed the process, it’s the “software & hardware” to teach soft skills for the XXI century.
  • The Self-Assessment model that measures the impact on the individual, the student, the teacher, after using ENQUIRY lets teachers, coordinators to focus in the areas that need more attention.
  • Strengthen concertation spaces, ENQUIRY helps to improve mental health in an inclusive and practical experience for all. Updates traditional education towards a critical and high-quality scientific education.
  • Create spaces for cultivating one’s own thoughts.
  • Promote activities of different kinds to develop the expression of multiculturalism.
  • For the integral growth of the being, the healthy coexistence, the acceptance of the diversity, respect for others and putting into practise the ethical values.

ENQUIRY has a transversal and multidimensional implementation strategy, that makes it possible to transcend outside the educational centre, reaching the family and the community.

Students are in need, of positive motivation, to believe in their capacities, to have teachers and institutions that can envision their true potential in life. ENQUIRY facilitates the deep understanding, enabling teachers and coordinators to develop the senses of perceptions to better understand the students.

By using ENQUIRY, teachers and schools will have a tool that helps them to discover the passions in students, to develop positive emotions that lead the discovery of “why am I here”. Using an innovative and transformative, participative, dynamic and effective methodology “ENQUIRY”.

Make available a methodology developed by a scientific and motivating group with decades of experience at an international level, with the aim of streamlining the process of action in teaching with innovative and effective tools.

“People will forget what you said, what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou, American philosopher.