In today’s world more than 500 million people are affected by some mental health condition (WHO) and it is expected that in 30 years this number will have tripled.

The development of new drugs and the huge investments to alleviate this serious problem for humanity it seems that it is not the only way to counteract it. The WHO has asked in their continuous reports to look for alternative solutions.

Our research team focused since 2011 on the development of innovative alternatives to work primarily on prevention processes in people, and mainly creating a transformation impact in the education sector.

ENQUIRY has been contributing in a very significant way to more than 17,000 people to strengthen their mental health, bringing out positive emotions as a focus on life, training the questioning of our purpose and true meaning and how we can contribute to the well being of us and those around.

Preventive  services can also help those with early stages of disease. Scientific-Motivation with ENQUIRY on such cases can improve health and reduce costs.

The speed of implementation, the diversity of resolved cases and the satisfaction of seeing that children from 7 years of age up to 99 years have passed through the experiences of ENQUIRY, obtaining very satisfactory results, surprising in many of them for the overcoming anxiety, stress and bullying.

If we seek to strengthen people so they can have better mental health, ENQUIRY is one of the best, innovative alternatives:

  • Motivation.
  • Communication.
  • Union.
  • Overcome barriers.
  • Resolve conflicts.
  • Increase your commitment.
  • Be more creative.
  • More collaborative.
  • To improve your mental health.
  • Strengthen emotions.
  • Discover new leaderships.
  • Eliminate fears.
  • Raise the relationship.
  • Reduce stress levels.
  • Contribute better to society.

ENQUIRY contributes to the discovery of “WHO AM I”, its essence and that of others. Facilitates the development of deep relationships with the environment. Creates spaces to feel a deep understanding and acceptance for diversity. To improve mental health and conflict resolution based on scientific motivation.

More than 17,000 people around the world have already used ENQUIRY.

“People will forget what you said, what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou, American philosopher.