What is innovation for Pentagon Wave

A way to bring meaning with specific actions that can help to solve major problems in the world: mental health, conflict resolution and entrepreneurship.

The ever increasing, number of conflicts, wars as well as mental health conditions that affects in some countries to 1 in 5 persons, is an alarming figure. We decided to research, develop and present innovative ways to solve or prevent them from happening.

What is innovation? In a sense is the way to solve, present solutions in a creative, different and more efficient way to solve problems of the world. It is important to have a deep capacity to observe and perceive the world in a holistic and transversal approach.

How we innovate

We united a transversal team, passionate and moved deeply by these major concerns. The methodologies and technologies had to be inclusive, from the bottom up and delivered as an experience for all.

Changing the out of date format to learn from a theory based to a more dynamic, happy and inclusive practical way. Taking the journey to discover the true individual potential for success in life.

The results and impact

Fast, effective and long-lasting transformation at individual and collective levels is an essential part of the results that the methodologies and workshops bring closer to you.

Sectors that are of paramount importance for the mission are in Education, Army Forces, Private Companies, Governments and Health Institutions.

We focused our resources and transversal experience to bring inclusive experiences, that were motivational and participative, facilitating the learning process for students with faster results and enjoyable for all.

The workshops and methodology develop have effect at individual and group level, improving the imagination, the creativity, facilitating the cooperation and the team work and problem-solving abilities.

What are the core business benefits when using ENQUIRY Technology Without Cables and PENTAGON WAVE workshop

Teams will be inspired to create in a collective way, with methods that ignite in them the ideas to finally produce new products or improve processes and services.

Innovation marks a trend to improve the ROI in the organization.

Facilitate the growth of the organization with enhanced productivity, extending in cases the products lifecycles as well as obtaining a consistent and stronger position on the market.

Developing a stronger capacity to persist the changes and to have better response to changes in the global market.

What are the advantages of ENQUIRY and PENTAGON WAVE

Participating with any of the inclusive experiences with ENQUIRY and PENTAGON WAVE workshops will drive you to ignite the seed of entrepreneurship in your heart. The journey for economic success as well as delivering solutions to you and your community.

Are adaptable to many different scenarios, ranging from the army, the family, companies, government institutions, in developed and underdeveloped countries.

Facilitates and enables the creation of spaces for critical thinking, creative communication and constructive spirit.

The methodologies have been designed to be a LOW COST solution but with the highest standards and results.

The experiences encourage anyone, anyplace at any time to develop soft skills. Accompanied with the speed learning, increasing the availability even in the most remote areas and conditions, making it easier for people, organizations to initiate processes that have been excluded only for the one percent of the population.

“People will forget what you said, what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou, American philosopher.