Contributing by using ENQUIRY the Technology Without Cables methodology in the facilitation and importance of having transversal teams in the fields of research so that targets, deadlines are achieved faster and efficiently.


One of the oldest guerrillas in the world made an integrating experience with ENQUIRY to quickly, effectively, face a path to a new life after surrendering their weapons. More than 150 guerrilla men and women, with 5 commanders, were able to carry out the experience that lasted for more than 2 hours including civilians that suffered from the war.


Some of the most increasing problems among the Armed Forces of a country are: control, discipline, integration and union, teamwork, increased desertion, power abuse, lawsuits against the state.

ENQUIRY was used and implemented with a group of new recruited soldiers, their instructors and the commander in the southern region of Nariño in Colombia.

In the successful pilot programme participated more than 120 soldiers, 21 sub-officers, officers (Colonels and Army General).


Bullying, stress, motivation, communication, relationships, drugs, the fear to present in front of the class, being accepted by others, gaining confidence, are some of the most significant problems in educational institutions, public or private.

ENQUIRY has been implemented and used by more than 4000 students, more than 100 teachers, taking a methodology that contributes to the integral development and wellbeing of the students.

What develops in a ludic, fast, and at exponential rates among all that use the Technology Without Cables “ENQUIRY” are: acceptance, effective communication, entrepreneurship, conflict resolution and improvement of their mental health, soft skills, rapport, respect, happiness and more!


Conflicts are not alien to private companies leading to the minimization of their productivity or customer dissatisfaction and the effect on employees and managers health quality.

ENQUIRY is an effective way to counteract gossip, misunderstandings, arguments, selfishness, incomprehension and many tensions that can be prevented and improved.

The Technology Without Cables accompanied with professional scientific-motivation can be brought to a diversity of sectors, ranging from technology, health, security, services, universities, all need a tool like ENQUIRY.


We all know the fundamental importance that the family plays in the personal development, growth of each of its members.

In modern times where the days pass fast, added to work pressure, or the distance from home and finally the technological apparatus that keeps us further apart, all make it harder and harder that the family is losing terrain and positive influence.

ENQUIRY contributes effectively and in a ludic way with the integration, understanding, communication and conflict resolution in family. Using the Technology Without Cables daily increases the levels of cohesion and deep knowledge among the members. It´s the piece of technology that you cannot not have at home.

“People will forget what you said, what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou, American philosopher.